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We Are Ohana K9 Balance Dog Training With Over 35 Years Of Dog & Puppy Training Experience.

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Ohana K9 Dog Training offers professional dog training, puppy training, private training, boarding, obedience and service dog training. 

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Over 35 Years in Dog Training Experience.

Ohana K9 Dog Training specializes in obedience, dog aggression, behavior modification, and competitive dog sports. We also provide professional dog and puppy obedience training.


Building trust and respect between you and your dog!

Ohana K9 Dog Training was founded in Washington State by Alan and Raylynn Hill. We are life-long dog trainers, who specialize in obedience, Dog Aggression, Behavioral Modification and Competitive Dog Sports. We provide professional dog and puppy obedience training.

behavioral issues?

We can help! Let us help put a stop to them all.

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We service the entire state of Washington and the surrounding areas including Seattle, Woodinville, Bellevue, Bothell, Snohomish, Everett, Kirkland, Lake Stevens, Lynnwood, Medina, Mercer Island, New Castle, Redmond, Sammamish, Bellingham, Whidbey Island, and Shoreline

Let us help transform your dog's bad behavior.

Are you a frustrated pet owner who’s tired of your dog misbehaving at home, not listening during walks or just uncontrollable when people or other dogs are around? We can help. Let our team of trained canine experts help you achieve an obedient pet that listens! Our trainers have years of dog training experience under their belt. Our training is suitable for any age, breed or behavioral issues your is having.

Training Programs

We Offer a Variety of Dog Training Programs Tailored to Your Dog’s Specific Needs.


What Our Customers Say...

5 star training and staff! My puppy was a nightmare when we first got her but she came home from the puppy training course like a brand new dog. After my pups training they offered me and my son handlers training which I have never even heard of and boy it has helped tremendously!! We always feel so comfortable when our puppy is in their care. We've boarded with Ohana three times and our pup comes home happy and freshly groomed every time. Thanks a million!
Shelley W
Raylynn at Ohana Dog Training was a miracle worker. My 8 year old rescue Jackson had major leash aggression, barking constantly and jumping our fence to wonder the neighborhood. Which is not the greatest when you are an 80 pound pit bull mix. We were either gonna be sued, he would be euthanized, or hit by a car. This was our only hope at keeping everyone safe and me sane. After the 4 week board and train Jackson is a different dog. Thanks to Raylynn I am also a strong pack leader and better able to communicate with Jackson in a way that he understands. I didn't realize that my anxiety was causing his aggression. I can walk my dog safely, LIFE IS GOOD! Kudos to Raylynn and Ohana Dog Training
Rijee Whiteside
Raylynn has been wonderful! We attempted every dog training tool and watched every YouTube video, but we still dreaded each walk with our pup, Juniper, knowing that it was going to be a stressful experience full of pulling, lunging, and barking at other dogs. After a few weeks with Raylynn, she was completely different and we were much better trained to make sure we were in control of the situation. 5/5 stars - highly recommended!
Joe McDonald

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